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Austin Vatea is a highly skilled, hated teenage martial artist who has been used as a tool for numerous gangs and organized crime organizations. He is a gifted mixed martial artist whose talent in fighting has caused him to be utilized as a child soldier for a number of illegal paramilitary cells and other illicit criminal syndicates throughout the world. Presently, because of his specific set of skills, austin, along with a handful of other young men, is currently being used as a celebrity fighter by the ring of champions mixed martial arts company, where he holds repute as an internationally famous fighter, with the title of ROC's current grand champion, as a testament to his sheer skills.


Austin is a young man who possesses a rather monstrous build and physique for a boy who is only 16 years of age. He stands a total of 6 feet dead, and is continuing to grow as he reaches adulthood. His musculature is that of a rather herculean, ripped and heavily defined standard, a physical condition which he has built up and tempered over years and years of exposure to fighting and intense, grueling physical training, making himself ever stronger. He is of a deeply tanned complexion, brown eyes, and has long feathery black hair. His body is covered in a myriad of different scars which serve as direct testaments to the sheer number of battles he has fought in.






Austin is a monstrous combatant, and a legend of the ROC. As a testament to his strength he has never lost a fight in his career in the ROC, and he has managed to take down all of his opponents in the first round, knocking them out in the process. Fights against him last extremely short, and are usually over in single shots from him, and when out of the public eye, austin becomes much, much more dangerous as he is not held back by any kind of rules or stipulations as a member of the world combat association.

Martial Arts MasteryEdit

Austin is the most dominant fighter in the ROC, holding the title of current grand champion as a testament to his skills. He is an extremely gifted and talented combatant, who has been exposed to legitimate warfare situations, life and death combat, and hardcore fighting since he was a mere child. Having to fight for survival has drawn out his latent talents as a fighter, and he is considered absolutely lethal in hand to hand combat because of it. He has also been heavily trained and conditioned in different disciplines of martial arts.

Sambo: A highly advanced style of russian martial arts. Austin learned this extremely practical, dangerous style of combat which has little to no rules at all. As a style of fighting which is mainly wrestling focused, austin utilizes sambo to trap, lock, ground, and brutally submit his opponents by placing immense stress and damage on their limbs. As a testament to the effectiveness of his sambo, austin has quite easily outwrestled and easily overpowered most opponents who attempt to wrestle him with brazilian jujutsu, as sambo also focuses on hand to hand combat techniques, escaping, reversal techniques, and upright combat rather than being a style dedicated to submission.

Systema: Another extremely effective, lethal form of russian martial arts. Unlike sambo, systema isn't focused on submission or wrestling, but rather, it grants austin incredibly flexibility when fighting in upright positions against his opponents. Austin's systema is a fighting style which he uses to account for many incoming enemy attacks and fighting techniques, flawlessly trapping, blocking, and reversing them into counterattacks which deal great amounts of damage to his opponents body while leaving him unharmed. While fighting, austin uses systema primarily as a means of defense and guarding himself against enemy attacks, or turning the situation in his favor, and because of this, even the most potent fighters and experienced of attackers must use the deepest caution when fighting him.

Krav Maga: Austin's primary method of attack. Krav Maga is widely regarded as the single most dangerous and deadly style of martial arts in the world, as a system of military techniques which are purposed for damaging the opponent as severely and quickly as possible, if not outright killing them. Many pro league organizations have outright banned the style because of how dangerous it is, if not severely limited the techniques, and ROC is no different. Much of austin's true potential in krav maga is never showcased due to the fact he must comply with the restrictions, however, even so, his mastery of krav maga is such that he is known as one of the most terrifying opponents that ROC has to offer, even with his restrictions in place, he is shown to use krav maga to down and crush most opponents easily.

Vatea Style: Contrary to popular belief, krav maga isn't the most dangerous style of martial arts at austin's fingertips. It is the vatea style, the fourth and final style of combat at his disposal, and the only thing in his arsenal more dangerous than his krav maga. As the name suggests, the vatea style is a form of martial arts which is unique to himself, and was created by him solely, throughout his exposure to countless hardcore, battles as a child soldier and a tool for organized crime, the vatea style exists for one purpose only, to beat down and crush the enemy as brutally and onesidedly as possible. Because of this, it seems highly improvised, irrational, and unpredictable, berserk and furious, and because of this it is almost impossible to guard against due to the fact the opponent is always unfamiliar with it.